Time to Fly

Jun. 4th, 2013 01:03 am
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I used Ayu's Summer Best album to make a playlist of upbeat, summery songs. Some actually are related to the season, while others just give me that light vibe.
Basically all the songs that sprang to mind were either Japanese or Korean... I guess the western artists I listen to don't really have many songs like this. :S
Edit: I was just listening to "Tonight" by SPICA and had to add it.

Time to Fly

01 BLUE BIRD -Ayumi Hamasaki
02 NOW -Super Junior
03 July 1st -Ayumi Hamasaki
04 GIRL -Shape 2- -Buck-Tick
05 glitter -Ayumi Hamasaki
06 Paris -Epik High
07 Greatful days -Ayumi Hamasaki
08 Happiness -Super Junior
09 Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ -Ayumi Hamasaki
10 Ningyo -mermaid- -Buck-Tick
11 independent -Ayumi Hamasaki
12 Fly -Epik High
13 Boys & Girls -Ayumi Hamasaki
14 Here We Go -Super Junior
15 evolution -Ayumi Hamasaki
16 Survivor -Tohoshinki
17 INSPIRE -Ayumi Hamasaki
18 Sid Vicious ON THE BEACH -Buck-Tick
19 UNITE! -Ayumi Hamasaki
20 Fly -Super Junior KRY
21 AUDIENCE -Ayumi Hamasaki
22 Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai -Tohoshinki
23 NEXT LEVEL -Ayumi Hamasaki
24 Day Dream -Rumble Fish
25 fairyland -Ayumi Hamasaki
26 Like A Fire -SHINee
27 Wake me up -Ayumi Hamasaki
28 A-oh! -Super Junior M
29 You & Me -Ayumi Hamasaki
30 Tonight -SPICA

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