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So, I was listening to "Forever Autumn" when I decided to make a little playlist. (Since this one isn't so Ayu-dominated, I was actually able to make a Youtube playlist version, too.)
These songs tend to make me all emotional. ;_;


Four seasons of missing someone...

I. Spring

01 Sakura -Buck-Tick
               Now it's like you're sleeping peacefully
               So I'll leave once I've closed your eyes

02 One Fine Spring Day -Ryeowook
               Because I'm afraid that one day I won't be able to feel your presence
               I want to take hold of even the air that you were in

II. Summer

03 Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) -Beethoven

04 HANABI -Ayumi Hamasaki
               There is never a day that I need to remember you
               For there is never a moment that I forget you

III. Autumn

05 Forever Autumn -The Moody Blues
               My life will be forever autumn
               Cause you're not here

06 Late Autumn -Yoon Jong Shin (Feat. Kyuhyun)
               Yes, it was you, who taught me about autumn
               A night of endless brown longings

IV. Winter

07 It's Cold -Epik High
               My memories are trapped in the frozen river
               They hold onto me and won't let go of my hands

08 ain't afraid to die -Dir en grey
               A lone flower on the street corner
               As I lift my eyes to the sky, the final snow spills into my hands

~Another Year~

09 SEASONS "2003 ReBirth Mix" -Ayumi Hamasaki
               In these days which repeat themselves
               There is a slight feeling of incompleteness
               Cycling around and around countless times
               The limited seasons go on


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