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My sleep schedule is royally screwed lately, so here's a calming playlist I just made. It's kinda sad again, oops.
I made a Tumblr post of it including the 8tracks link.
Here's a Youtube playlist version, though it doesn't include Ever Free -HAL's Mix 200- or Take 5.

Don't Cry Over Me

01 Orgel -SHINee
02 Siren Song -Bat For Lashes
03 Daydream -Super Junior
04 Rasen Chuu -Buck-Tick
05 The Day Before -Nell
06 Heartache. In Memory -Han Geng
07 Sink -9Goats Black Out
08 Falling -John Park
09 Utsusemi -utsusemi- -Buck-Tick
10 Bittersweet -Super Junior
11 Higeki wa Mabuta wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu -Dir en grey
12 Trout Heart Replica -Amanda Palmer
13 4 O'Clock -reprise- -Emilie Autumn
14 To You Who Don't Love Me No More -Lee Sora
15 Never Is A Promise -Fiona Apple
16 Slow [e] Motion -Epik High
17 Abyss -piano version- -A
18 Ever Free -HAL's Mix 2000- -Ayumi Hamasaki
19 Blue Back -Plastic Tree
20 Expired -Tablo
21 Closing My Eyes -K.Will
22 Haven -Nell
23 Take 5 -Hikaru Utada
24 Walk Out. -Nell
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i'm currently more active on my tumblr, so you can find me there now: stillmanyemptynotebooks :3

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